FAQ — Dee Zee Heavyweight Mat


What's the Recommended Bed Mat and Tailgate Liner for a 2019 Dodge Ram?

Dodge Ram Owner: What do you guys do for bed mats? Do you got any suggestions on bed mats? I have a 2019 Dodge Ram.

Peter: Most popular are going to be just the rubber mat. Dee Zee makes one called the Heavyweight Mat. So, it's a little bit thicker than your average rubber mat. That's a custom fit for the truck too.

Dodge Ram Owner: Is that a 3/8 thick one?

Peter: It is.

Dodge Ram Owner: Are there freight charges on top of that?

Peter: Nope, that's standard delivery, and it's free shipping too!

Dodge Ram Owner: That's delivered. Okay. All right. What about a tailgate mat? And I really don't want to drill holes in my tailgate. I was actually... The only one that I see that looks decent is the WeatherTech Tailgate Mat, which you use existing screws and then it uses some Velcro tape.

Peter: Right. Yeah, we do have that.

Dodge Ram Owner: I don't know if that's the way to go or not, but. I'm assuming that you got to drill holes if you're going to use a 1/4 inch or 3/8 thick piece of mat on there, like the Dee Zee bed mat.

Peter: Right.

Dodge Ram Owner: I think Dee Zee makes a universal bed or universal tailgate cover or protector, but that thing's thick and you've got to drill holes as best I can tell.

Peter: Right. Let me see if I have the WeatherTech.

Dodge Ram Owner: And WeatherTech also makes a bed mat. Of course, it's fairly thin and you have to Velcro that thing down too. But it turns up on the sides and goes up the side of the bed about three inches it looks like.

Peter: Okay. So, just the tailgate liner.

Dodge Ram Owner: Yeah. Just the tailgate liner for now.

Peter: Ok I'll get that shipped out right away.

Dodge Ram Owner: I'm glad I called you and I appreciate it. I'll be in touch.

Peter: Sure. Well, thank you. We'll talk to you soon.

What is The Best Bed Liner or Bed Mat for My 2018 Ford F150 Super Crew?

Ford F-150 Owner: Hi, I was pinging you back and forth here for a while on the tonneau cover for a Ford, the BAKFlip MX4, and I wanted to get the order placed.

Peter: What truck was it for again?

Ford F-150 Owner: It's a 2018 Ford F150 Super Crew, short bed.

Peter: Okay, got it. I can still honor the original offer I sent you plus free shipping, and no sales tax.

Ford F-150 Owner: Cool. I was thinking about adding the bug screen for the front. Are those worth it?

Peter: Yeah, I don't know. Some guys just like the look of them. I think if it serves some purpose and they like the look, they get it, but I don't think it does a whole lot.

Ford F-150 Owner: That's where I'm leaning. Then the other thought that I had was what would it cost me to adding a bed liner.

Peter: What kind?

Ford F-150 Owner: It's already got that spray coating on it, that black stuff, but it's rough, so just like a pad or something.

Peter: A popular option is the Dee Zee Heavyweight Mat. It's a rubber mat that's a little bit thicker than your average mat.

Ford F-150 Owner: Okay. Let's do that and a cover.

Peter: Okay. Then I'm going to get this shipped out for you.

Ford F-150 Owner: Awesome. Thank you for your help.