FAQ — BAK Cover


What's The Best Deal on a BAKFlip MX4 for a 2018 EcoDiesel Dodge Ram 1500?

Dodge Ram Owner: Hey, calling in regards to your quote. You sent me a deal for a tonneau cover. Should be a BAKFlip M4.

Peter: MX4? Okay, what truck is it for?

Dodge Ram Owner: It's a 2018 EcoDiesel Dodge Ram 1500. It has a five foot seven bed. It does not have the utility box in it.

Peter: Yep, I've got it here and I can honor that quote. It's free shipping and there's no sales tax if you're ordering it from outside of Arizona.

Dodge Ram Owner: Okay, I'll take it.

Peter: Okay, so it's a 2018?

Dodge Ram Owner: Yeah, it was built ... I just got it about a week and a half ago but it was built 2018 is what the sticker says on it.

Peter: So it's a 2018 Ram 1500 short bed?

Dodge Ram Owner: Yep. With no rim.

Peter: Okay, so allow about five to seven days for delivery on this. You're going to get an email confirmation here in just a second, here we go.

Dodge Ram Owner: Good, and I totally appreciate it, that's awesome. That's a good price. This is the best deal I've seen on an MX4. I can't wait to install it.

How Do I Get Financing on a Tonneau Cover?

Tonneau Covered Customer: Hi, yes, I'm looking to order a tonneau cover.

Sean: Okay. What kind of tonneau cover is it?

Tonneau Covered Customer: I'm looking at a BAK cover. I received a link to buy one, but I must've deleted.

Sean: I'll email that to you again. All you got to do is fill in your shipping information and billing information and credit card, and you're good to go.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Alright, so the prices are still the same?

Sean: It's an extra 20 bucks now, but I'll honor the original price.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Okay, and that still comes with that free tailgate seal that was on there? It says you'll send a free one.

Sean: I'll add to it to the order.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Okay, and what's that place where you can split the payments up? You take payments on it?

Sean: Klarna is a company that will allow you to make payments.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Okay, Klarna will be on there?

Sean: Yes, sir.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Okay, thank you so much.