FAQ — trifold tonneau covers


What Tonneau Covers Are Real Low Profile and Act as a Tri-Fold and Are Comparable to the Lomax?

Dodge Ram Owner: Hey Peter. I just talked with you earlier ago about the Lomax for the Ram pickup.

Peter: Okay.

Dodge Ram Owner: Just wanting to know, do you have any other tonneau covers that's a real low profile, like act as a tri-fold that are comparable to the Lomax?

Peter: Yes.

Dodge Ram Owner: Any other brands?

Peter: Yeah, all the BAKFlip models. They fit even more flush than the Lomax.

Dodge Ram Owner: Is there any difference between that and the Lomax besides the low profile? I mean is all the features about the same?

Peter: No, they're very different. The best way to look at those would be at their website which is BAK Industries. They have several different ones. They have videos and descriptions. My prices are much lower than what are advertised on that site.

Dodge Ram Owner: Appreciate it, Peter. I'll do some research and get back to you. Thank you.

Peter: Thanks. All righty, bye bye.

What is the Best Scratch Resistant Waterproof Tonneau Cover for a 2019 GMC Sierra 1500?

GMC Sierra Owner: I have a 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 with a 5'8 bed, and I need a tonneau cover.

Shaun: What kind of cover were you looking at?

GMC Sierra Owner: Well, you sent me an email on a couple that, or three of them that kind of go over the top. Two from Extang and one from Retrax.

Shaun: Okay.

GMC Sierra Owner: But I think from looking at those and kind of figuring it out, I think we're more in line to do one of the covers that, what do you call it? Low profile? The one that's not on top of the bed, it's in the bed.

Shaun: The tri-fold.

GMC Sierra Owner: The tri-fold. Tri-fold or a roll up, but it looks like the roll ups cost a heck of a lot more.

Shaun: Correct, yeah the Retrax, the aluminum version, which is one with the life-time warranty on it. That one costs more. Are you wanting to get a BakFlip or something like that?

GMC Sierra Owner: Yeah, I'm thinking so. The email I got a couple of weeks ago had the BAKFlip MX4. I like that one. And I was kind of Googling it last night and checking out some reviews. Apparently, folks like it, except that they say it scratches pretty easily.

Shaun: Alright, the one you're going to want, if you're going for the tri-fold, the one you're going to want is UnderCover Armor Flex. It's got LINE-X on it. You can't scratch that cover.

GMC Sierra Owner: Got you. And is it a matte black or a shiny black?

Shaun: Matte black.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay, and it's pretty good on the water spilling off? Here it is. They're all about the same aren't they, when it comes to that?

Shaun: Yeah, and this one's actually got a five-year warranty instead of a three.

GMC Sierra Owner: Oh, okay, yeah if you could shoot me that one in an email I'll take a look.

Shaun: Okay, I'm going to send you the actual order form. All you got to do if you want to go ahead and do it is click proceed with that. 

What's the Best Tonneau Cover for a a 2019 Chevy Silverado with crew cab and a 5 foot, 8 inch bed?

Chevy Silverado Owner: I just got a 2019 Chevy Silverado with the crew cab with a 5 foot, 8 inch bed and I sent an email request last night to find out about tonneau covers

Peter: Okay. Which cover are you looking at?

Chevy Silverado Owner: I'm looking for a hard top, a foldable hard top. I want it to have a little bit more security.

Peter: Was there a particular brand or model you were looking at?

Chevy Silverado Owner: I've looked at a few online... I want to say it was a Gator.

Peter: Okay. Gator's, one of the only brands we don't sell. As, far as hard folding covers the most popular are going to be the BakFlip models. They're tri-folds but they can fold completely up out of the bed and secure behind the cab. So you'll have full use of your bed when you need too. They're very versatile.

Chevy Silverado Owner: Let's see, I think that was maybe one of the ones I was looking at; the BAKFlip G2 tonneau cover. That's what I'm looking at right now. So yeah that hard folding that's probably what I'm going to get, for pricing that's probably definitely what I was looking for.

Peter: Ok, great!

Chevy Silverado Owner: It's not a bad price from what I've seen anyways, quite a bit of difference. Let me, do you guys do financing too?

Peter: Yes.

Chevy Silverado Owner: Okay, so that's probably the best way for me to get it so I won't be paying for that outright. Alright, Peter let me give you a call back in a little bit, let me figure out what's going on. I should be able to do something this week.

Peter: Okay let me know.