FAQ — 2017 Dodge Ram 1500


What Material is the Bedrug Made Out Of?

Ram Owner: I spoke with you earlier about the 2017 Ram 1500. You had mentioned you could get a mat from Bedrug. Which particular mat is it that you can get?

Peter: I carry their whole line.

Ram Owner: Oh, really? Okay. I'm looking at here, it's called a Bedrug or Bed Tread Impact Bed Mat.

Peter: Okay. Let's see. Did you just want the mat or do you want to cover the tailgate too?

Ram Owner: Yeah, well I guess this one comes with the tailgate also.

Peter: Actually, yeah. I think you're right. Yeah. Yes it does. Okay. Yeah, I've got that one.

Ram Owner: What is that material that the Bedrug is made out of?

Peter: It's like a anti-skid TPO composite. It's probably like a really kind of durable mix of rubber and plastic. But yeah, this is a newer product, but it's starting to really grow in popularity as it gets more reviews.

Ram Owner: Okay. And can you tell if that mat or the divider there for the tailgate, does that always stay in place?

Peter: It does.

Ram Owner: Okay. Okay. So I've got to check my bed length. I think it is a five seven but I want to make sure.

Peter: Okay. Sounds good. Feel free to give me a call back later on. 

Ordering the Correct Size BAKFlip G2 for a 2017 Dodge Ram 1500

Ram Owner: I went to your website and was looking into another tonneau cover to order. And I got a couple questions. If you look at your records, I ordered for a RAM 1500 about five, six weeks ago.

Peter: Okay.

Ram Owner: It came in and it was the wrong size. My son told me the wrong length of the bed. It was a BAKflip G2.

Peter: Okay.

Ram Owner: And you know, as soon as I pulled the first rail out of the box and put it on his truck, I could see that we were about six to eight inches too short. So of course I measured his truck bed at that point and said "Yeah, my son gave me the wrong bed size."

Peter: Right.

Ram Owner: But I also noticed that the width, the width for the cover itself was too short. It wasn't wide enough. In other words, the holes that are designed to lock the cover onto the side rails at the front, at the leading edge was considerably too short, probably upwards of four inches too short. So is there a difference in the width of a bed between a 226207 and a 226203, which is for the six foot four inch bed?

Peter: Every bed is different. So I guess it's kind of a short answer. But every bed is different. Did we end you getting you the correct size?

Ram Owner: No, I have not ordered the replacement because after finding out what the return policy was, I decided to keep it and try to sell it myself. It was going to cost me too much to return it.

Peter: Right, okay.

Ram Owner: So I'm definitely not going to order another one until I know for sure it's going to fit.

Peter: Right, I gotcha. So let me see. What was the year, make and model?

Ram Owner: It's a 2017 Dodge RAM 1500. And the original one I ordered was for the five foot seven inch bed without the RAM box.

Peter: Okay.

Ram Owner: And I looked on your site for the six foot four inch bed and the model number is a BAK 226203. So the reason I'm calling is to make sure that the width of the 203 is wider than the 207.

Peter: Yes, it'll be a perfect fit. Every bed is different. Even when they're shorter. All of the appropriate hardware and shims and everything will be there. So yeah, it'll be a perfect fit.

Ram Owner: And if it's not a perfect fit, are you guys going to return it at no cost to me?

Peter: Yeah, if there was a manufacturer defect or something like that. That would be the only time it wouldn't be a perfect fit.

Ram Owner: I'm a little skeptical. I mean, I would think that the only difference in a bed would be the length, but you're telling me that no, the beds can be wider too. That's what you're saying.

Peter: It can, it can depending on ... But the point is that you don't have to worry because the manufacturer knows the exact dimension. And so when they associate with a part number, it's going to be a perfect fit, unless in the rare, very rare case that there was some sort of manufacturer defect with that one specific cover that was sent out ... And that can happen from time to time. Like they, for whatever reason, in manufacturing there was some defect that made it longer or wider or something like that, obviously we'll take care of that. Short of that, it should be a perfect fit.

Ram Owner: Okay. Can you verify that this is the correct model, the 203? That's for a '17 RAM 1500 with a six foot four inch long bed without the RAM box.

Peter: Box. Yes, this is it.

Ram Owner: Okay, let me go and order it.

**Transaction Completed**

Peter: Okay. So allow about five to seven days for this. You're going to get an email confirmation here in just a second. If you ever have any issues, just give me a call personally and I'll do whatever I can to help you.

Gerald: Very good.