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What's The Differences Between The Retrax ProMX and the Retrax ProXR?

Dodge Ram Owner: I called in a little earlier and actually did actually some emailing back and forth off your site. But anyway, what I have is a 2018 Dodge RAM 2500 Mega Cab with a short box. You know, I was looking for the Retrax ProMX for it.

Shawn: Okay, one second here.

Dodge Ram Owner: It's the Retrax with the satin black and no motor.

Shawn: Okay. One more time with that vehicle information.

Dodge Ram Owner: It's a 2018 Dodge RAM 2500 Mega Cab, short box.

Shawn: Okay. Thank you. So, are you aware of their Retrax ProXR that they have out now?

Dodge Ram Owner: Is the XR on their site?

Shawn: Yeah. It's essentially the same thing as the Retrax MX, Pro MX, but it has key slot rails where you can add things, and right now, they're doing a promotion. If you buy one of those covers, you get a free Yakima Eastern Low Bar with every purchase. And that's $500 value.

Dodge Ram Owner: Oh yeah. The cover's made out of aluminum right? What are the other differences between the ProMX and the Pro XR?

Shawn: Yes, it's made out of aluminum, and it's actually going to be the same exact thing as the MX, just with a different rail.

Dodge Ram Owner: That's the one with the key or the lock in the back, you push down, it's got a key lock and all that?

Shawn: Yep. And the promotion is through Retrax as well, so I could help you with filling out the form you need to fill out and mail in. But that pretty much sets you up right there and then you can add bike racks, kayak racks. I mean Yakima, Thule, Rhino Rack all those companies work with it.

Dodge Ram Owner: Okay. All right. And then I noticed there was an option for thin rails or light rails, or something to that affect.

Shawn: If you go with the Retrax ProXR, that option goes away.

Dodge Ram Owner: Oh, okay. All right. Well, I'll still go with the XR. Is your warehouse in Scottsdale?

Shawn: Our location in Scottsdale is the main office, but we actually drop ship from all the manufacturers. So your Retrax will be built in North Dakota at the Retrax plant and then ships within 2-3 days.

Dodge Ram Owner: Okay, that's fine. What do we need to get this cover ordered?

Shawn: I can definitely help you with that.

Dodge Ram Owner: Shawn. Okay, thanks a lot Shawn. I appreciate it.