FAQ — Dash Covers


Are Dashboard Covers Custom Made for My Vehicle?

Trailblazer Owner: I want to just find out something about a dashboard cover.

Peter: Okay.

Trailblazer Owner: It's for a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer, a four by four. And the dashcover is custom-made for my vehicle, right?

Peter: Yes.

Trailblazer Owner: I saw it on somebody's vehicle and this is where I got your number from.

Peter: 2006. What color would you want it in?

Trailblazer Owner: I think my interior is gray. So let's go with that. 

Peter: Okay. It's free shipping and no sales tax.

Trailblazer Owner: And these dashcovers prevent a lot of heat?

Peter: Yes.

Trailblazer Owner: Okay. You have different fabric?

Peter: The one I'm quoting is the most popular.

Trailblazer Owner: Okay I may order three because my daughter has a BMW, and then they have a Jeep. And my son has a BMW also. So I think three of them will need one each.

Peter: Okay.

Trailblazer Owner: So I'll give you a call back about those dashcovers later today.

Peter: Okay.

Does Angry Elephant Make a Dash Cover for a '97 Infinity QX4?

Angry Elephant Dash Cover Customer: I am an Amazon Prime customer and I'm calling about your listings for Angry Elephant Dash Covers.

Tonneau Cover Agent: Okay.

Angry Elephant Dash Cover Customer: I don't see my vehicle listed and so I thought I would call and see if in fact what I need you guys have, just not listing it on Amazon.

Tonneau Cover Agent: Okay, so I actually, I do not deal with that. Our customer service department does. But I can have somebody give you a call back here in a minute.

Angry Elephant Dash Cover Customer: I'm sure you have it. Maybe you just don't list it because it's not probably a big seller. But the Angry Elephant seems to be about the best thing out there.

Tonneau Cover Agent: What vehicle is it for?

Angry Elephant Dash Cover Customer: '97 Infinity QX4.

Tonneau Cover Agent: Okay. I'm going to get this over to them and someone will contact you shortly. It might be me if I can just get a part number from them.

Angry Elephant Dash Cover Customer: Yeah, and like I said, it's not listed on Amazon. That's okay. I can order it from you guys, I'm sure. And I just wanted to see, first of all, if in fact Angry Elephant makes it. I'm looking for black.

Speaker 1: Okay. Is this the best number to reach you? The one you called on?

Angry Elephant Dash Cover Customer: Yes. Very good. Thank you.