FAQ — truck accessory shipping


How Do I Check on Shipping on My Tailgate Seal?

Tonneau Covered Customer: I spoke to you about a month, it was probably a month ago. I had ordered a tonneau cover from you guys. It was supposed to come with a tailgate seal.

Peter: Let's see what's going on here.

Tonneau Covered Customer: It didn't show up. I called roughly about a month ago, and you said, "I'll have another one shipped to you." That one hasn't shown up either.

Peter: Okay. The second one was returned for some reason. Let me make sure we've got everything right here. I'm gonna change my shipping method here. When the second one was returned, they should have notified me and they didn't. So I'm changing the shipping method and there we go. I'll have it sent out right now.

Peter: Yeah. Sorry about the inconvenience there.

Tonneau Covered Customer: Well that's not a problem. It hasn't been any inconvenience. Because I only use the truck pretty much in spring, summer, fall to go camping.

Peter: Cool.