FAQ — hard covers


What is the Most Popular Hard Folding Cover for a 2017 Ford F-250 with a 6'9 Bed?

F-250 Owner: Hey, I got your message here. I was looking at a bed cover for a 2017 Ford F-250 with a 6'9 bed.

Peter: Okay, got it. And which cover were we looking at?

F-250 Owner: I kind of like the BAKFlips.

Peter: Okay. Do you know which model?

F-250 Owner: The hard folding one, I know that. I don't remember what model it is, but I do know I want it to be a hard cover that folds for sure.

Peter: Yeah, they make a few of those, but the most popular hard folding cover is going to be the BAKFlip MX4. It's free shipping and there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona.

F-250 Owner: Okay. Yeah, cause you have been emailing me a little bit back on them, and you quoted me a price already. But that's just probably a little more than I want to spend right now on a one.

Peter: Okay. The BAKFlip G2 is a little bit less expensive. I will send you a price quote right now.

F-250 Owner: Okay. Yeah. What's your best price you can do on both of those covers?

Peter: Those are my best prices.

F-250 Owner: Do they still make the VP?

Peter: They might still make it, but we do not sell it anymore. They were having some issues with it, so we stopped selling it.

F-250 Owner: All right. Let me give this some thought. Like I said, I'm not sure what I have to spend on one right now.

Peter: Okay. Yeah. Let me know.

What's the Difference Between BAK and Undercover Tonneau Covers?

GMC Sierra Owner: What's the main difference between the BAK and Undercover tonneau covers?

Peter: Undercover and BAK are actually sister companies, so the products are almost identical; they're very similar.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay. The Undercover Armor Flex, for example. What does that consist of? Is that a three panel?

Peter: It is.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay and that Armor Flex folds back three times?

Peter: Yes.

GMC Sierra Owner: Versus the BAKflip what are the pros and cons to one or the other?

Peter: Armor Flex has the best warranty of five years.

GMC Sierra Owner: And then what would be the price difference?

Peter: The Bakflip MX4 is going to be slightly cheaper.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay. You said MX4, okay. It looks like here there's also a BAK Revolver X2. What is that? 

Peter: Yes, that's the hard roll up cover.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay. So you're saying out of all these you say the Undercover is probably the best?

Peter: Yeah.

GMC Sierra Owner: With the roll up one, is it still a hard cover?

Peter: Yeah, it's aluminum underneath, there's vinyl on top.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay. Okay, cool. And I see Undercover Ultra Flex.

Peter: That's the same as the Armor Flex but it doesn't have the LINE-X coating on top.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay, I got you. Cool. Well I guess I'll need some more research and figure it out. What would be a timeline as far as how long it takes to get here?

Peter: Three to five days.

GMC Sierra Owner: Cool. What if I can't figure out installation? How would you recommend going about that?

Peter: You'd have to take it to a shop, but I really don't think you're going to have an issue with that.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay. Okay, cool. Alright sir, well let me figure out which tonneau cover I want and then I can get back in touch with you guys.

Peter: Okay. Sounds good.

How is the Undercover Flex Compared to the G2?

Ford F150 Owner: I hear this is the place to buy a tonneau cover for my pickup

Tonneau Covered Agent: Yes. What are you looking for?

Ford F150 Owner: I have a Ford F150 2014 Eco Boost. I need some advice too. I'm a painting contractor, and I've been looking at the hard covers, and I want a fold up cover I think.

Tonneau Covered Agent: Okay. No problem. 

Ford F150 Owner: What would you recommend? I think a roll up cover would be convenient, but I don't know if it would last as long, would it?

Tonneau Covered Agent: The hard folding covers you can get several years out of. The BAKFlips are the most popular. They're trifolds but they can fold completely up out of the bed and secure behind the cab so that you have full bed access. Those are the best reviewed, and they also sit flush inside the bed rail and have that really low profile look to them. It starts with the BAKFlip G2; it's made of aluminum and it's been around for a long time. It's free shipping and there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona. 

Ford F150 Owner: What about the Gator EVO? That's a five-fold. Is that cheaper?

Tonneau Covered Agent: I'm not sure. We don't sell Gator so I can't really speak to that. That's one of the only brands we don't sell.

Ford F150 Owner: How is the Undercover Flex compared to the G2?

Tonneau Covered Agent: That's almost an identical cover, except it's made of a different material. It's made of a fiberglass reinforced polymer, so it's actually going to be a little bit stronger than that aluminum of the G2. It'll stand up to denting and stuff like that much better.

Ford F150 Owner: Now when I was looking on the website it said one of them, I can't remember which one, had a free gift of the swing case, is that still going?

Tonneau Covered Agent: Yeah, that was a rebate that ended, and it was with a different cover. And then they had one with the flex, but that ended.

Ford F150 Owner: Now, the G2 and the Undercover that we're talking about, do I need to put ladder racks on it or not? I was looking at ladder racks and I don't want to put a bolt on one and I don't want to be removing it, so they would work with one that would fit on the edge of the rail, right?

Tonneau Covered Agent: Yeah. So BAK actually makes two. The BAKFlip CS or the BAKFlip CSF1. The CS is the G2 cover with the ladder rack assembly as well. Then the CSF1 is the F1 cover with the ladder racks, so that's a good option too.

Ford F150 Owner: Now, do you guys sell the ladder racks as well?

Tonneau Covered Agent: Yeah, it's a whole unit. So it all comes together.

Ford F150 Owner: Now, if I was to get just the cover I could get a different rack system, right?

Tonneau Covered Agent: You could, yes. And because the BAKFlip cover and the undercover sits inside the bed rails, your stake pockets are still exposed so you can install the ladder rack in the stake pockets.

Ford F150 Owner: Right, stake pockets, yeah. Now, what kind of weight can they carry? I'd only be carrying the ladder, no lumber. What poundage do they rate for?

Tonneau Covered Agent: It just depends on which rack. 500 pounds on the back ones, but there are many different types of racks out there.

Ford F150 Owner: Right. So I guess I'm looking between the Undercover and the G2. Is there any one that you could give me a better deal on either of them? Because they're both basically the same, right?

Tonneau Covered Agent: Yeah. Those are both at my lowest prices. In fact, those are sale prices. I can't go lower than that, unfortunately, but I do believe I do have the best price anywhere for both of those covers.

Ford F150 Owner: Yeah. I had been looking, those are pretty good prices. Alright, I'm going to go with the BAKFlip G2.

Tonneau Covered Agent: The G2? Good choice. Please allow about five to seven days for delivery on this. You're going to get an email confirmation here in just a second. 

Ford F150 Owner: Now, they'll leave it obviously, right? At the front door?

Tonneau Covered Agent: Yes. It's going to be FedEx.

Ford F150 Owner: All right, awesome. Thank you so much.