FAQ — Roll Up Cover


What's The Best Roll Up Tonneau Cover That Sits on Top of the Rails for a 2018 Chevy Silverado?

Chevy Owner: Hey Peter. I just bought a 2018 Chevy Silverado, a quad cab pickup and I'm looking to put a Tonneau cover on it. It has a 6'5 bed

Peter: Okay.

Chevy Owner: This is what I'm looking for. So Chevy doesn't have like the under rail clamps? It doesn't go all the way to the back are you aware of that? You can't put a clamp under the rail all the way back towards the tailgate cause there's about a foot error that just won't allow you to put a clamp.

Peter: Right.

Chevy Owner: So the last Tonneau cover I had on my 2013 kind of stuck up a little bit in the back cause you couldn't get a clamp on it. So I don't know if there's something specific for Chevy and as far as mounting. And then the other thing I'm looking for is I want it to sit up just a little bit higher. The last one I had was very flush with the rails on the bed, but sometimes I put garbage cans in the back. I lay them down. So on my Ford F-250 I had, it was raised up a little bit and when I laid the garbage cans in there I could still roll the Tonneau cover out and secure it, and you couldn't tell that there was garbage cans in the back.

Peter: Okay. So are you wanting a hard cover?

Chevy Owner: No, I want to be able to roll it up.

Peter: Okay, so a soft roll cover, probably the most popular, the best quality is going to be the TruXedo Lo Pro. That one does sit a little more low profile though. So I'm thinking maybe the TruXedo TruXport that sits up on top of the bed rails, and that's a really popular option as well. That's got a five year warranty. It's free shipping, and there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona.

Chevy Owner: Okay. Yeah. Let's do that.

Peter: Okay. So we've got the TruXedo TruXport for the 2018 Silverado 1500 six and a half foot bed. Allow about five to seven days for delivery on this. You're going to receive a email confirmation here in just a second. You're good to go!

How Does the BAK Revolver X4 Roll Up on a 2018 Chevy Silverado?

Silverado Owner: I have a 2018 Chevy Silverado and I had a question on the BAK Revolver X4 cover. Does that roll up? 

Peter: Yes, it does. 

Silverado Owner: Where does it go when it rolls up?

Peter: It rolls up on top. Think of it like your traditional soft roll-up cover. It rolls like that. But it's hard with aluminum underneath. And it rolls right up like on top of the bed rails and then when it's open it sits, that roll sits behind the cab.

Silverado Owner: Ooh. How big is that roll when its all balled up like that?

Peter: It's about seven inches or so.

Silverado Owner: Okay. How much weight will it support? You know like things sitting on it when it's out and closed.

Peter: I believe 200 pounds for this one.

Silverado Owner: Alright, I'm gonna have to investigate some different covers a little bit more.

Peter: Okay. No problem.