How do I Claim a Rebate on a Retrax Pro XR for a 2018 Ford F-150?


F150 Owner: You emailed me the other day on the Retrax Pro XR. What do you need from me?

Peter: What truck is it for?

F150 Owner: It's for a 2018 Ford F-150, with the smaller bed, the five and a half foot.

Peter: Okay. Let me grab that part number here. You already have that quoted price. It's also free shipping and there's no sales tax because you're outside of Arizona.

F150 Owner: Free shipping, yep. And I had someone else quote me less, but they didn't have the free shipping. Is this the one where they also have a rebate where I can get the rails for free?

Peter: That's right.

F150 Owner: The rebate is worth it. That's what's making me do it.

Peter: Yeah, it's like a $550 value on that rebate. It's awesome. Okay, so the 2018 Ford F150 short bed.

F150 Owner: 2018 F-150 short bed. You got it.

Peter: Okay. We're good. Allow about 5-7 days for delivery on this. It could be faster.

F150 Owner: So, what do I use for my receipt for the rebate?

Peter: The confirmation that I just sent you. It's going to have the part number on there and everything. It's going to say how much you paid. That's what they need. And then, yeah. You just send it in with the rebate form.

F150 Owner: Thank you.

Peter: Have a great day!

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  • Aubrey Lovegrove