Where Can I Order a BAK Revolver X4 for a 2019 Raptor From an Authorized BAK Dealer?


Raptor Owner: I'm looking for a BAK Revolver X4 for a 2019 Raptor.

Peter: Okay. So it'd be the price that I recently sent you in your email along with free shipping and there's no sales tax.

Raptor Owner: You guys are an authorized BAK dealer, correct?

Peter: Yes. We work directly with the manufacturer.

Raptor Owner: But that means you're an authorized dealer?

Peter: Yes.

Raptor Owner: What if I buy from you guys and there's a problem and BAK says no they're not backing it. Is that going to happen?

Peter: No that won't happen. We are an authorized dealer. We work directly with the manufacturer. That's where it comes from.

Raptor Owner: Alright. And then there was some other stuff in these emails that I get from you guys about other gifts and freebies. What else is included with this?

Peter: I can include a tailgate seal kit for free. That's gonna seal up the inside of the tailgate. It's gonna help to keep dust and water out. It's a really good addition with the Tonneau Cover.

Raptor Owner: Ok. The price you sent is the best price out there from you guys?

Peter: Yes. We tend to have the lowest prices compared to anyone else.

Raptor Owner: Alright. Let's order it then. We're talking about the Revolver X4, the most recent version for that because the X2 is the old version, correct?

Peter: That's right.

Raptor Owner: All right, good. It's packaged directly from BAK?

Peter: Yeah.

Raptor Owner: Fed-Ex, directly from BAK?

Peter: Yeah.

Raptor Owner: All right. Perfect. Looking forward to it. Thanks so much, guys.

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  • Aubrey Lovegrove