What Information is Required if my AMP Research PowerStep is Delivered with Missing Parts?

Hi I called earlier about the missing PowerStep parts.

Shawn: Yes sir.

PowerStep Customer: Do you ever have any luck rounding that up?

Shawn: Let me see here. The manufacturer came back to us and asked for pictures of what you actually did receive in the packaging.

PowerStep Customer: Okay. I've already got it all on ramps and everything. Can I just take a picture of the box with the numbers on them and the contents laying right beside them?

Shawn: Yes, absolutely. That'd be perfect.

PowerStep Customer: Okay.

Shawn: They just want a better understanding of what you're actually missing. I'm going to send you an email right now, and I'll have you send it in response to that. So let's see here.

PowerStep Customer: Okay. You going to send that, I'm going to send this to them or you?

Shawn: Send it to me and I'll go ahead and forward it over to them. Once they have this they should be able to get it out pretty quick to you. I just sent that off. You should get it and yeah, once I have those, I'll send them off to them today.

PowerStep Customer: All right, I appreciate it.

Shawn: Thank you, sir.

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  • Aubrey Lovegrove