Retrax Pro XR for a 2015 Ford F350 with a short bed


F-350 Owner: I was just trying to get a information on a tonneau cover by Retrax.

Sean: Are you looking at the PRO or the ONE?

F-350 Owner: The one that I can put a bike rack on.

Sean: On the Pro XR right now, they're doing a deal where they give you Yakima Jetstream Load Bars if you buy that cover. What kind of truck is it?

F-350 Owner: 2015 Ford F350 with a short bed.

Sean: All right. Let me see here. Yeah it's like $500 in savings when you get that.

F-350 Owner: Okay. So if I do that, how does it work? You would send me the cover but I would go see them to get the bars?

Sean: Correct. All you do is go to their site. Go to at the top where it says "Buy Retrax XR Get a Free Jetstream Load Bar". Click on that. Then it will take you to a form you need to fill out. They'll send you another form in your email you actually mail in. And then they'll send you the bars. Because after you get your cover, they're going to want your serial number. They're going to want your invoice, which all that you'll have. You just submit all that information and then they send it to ya.

F-350 Owner: How long does it take to ship and all that?

Sean: For this particular one it will be built out of North Dakota. So you're probably looking at 3 days build time. And then to get to you, you're looking at probably another 4 days. So I'd say within 7 days you should have it. That's business days.

F-350 Owner: Okay, cool. I'll go ahead and do it.

Sean: Okay. One second here. Let me put this in for you. Again that's a 2015 F350, 6.9 bed, the short bed?

F-350 Owner: Yep.

Sean: All right man. I will get that going. Like I said, it will only take 2-3 days to build and then about another 4 to make it to ya. So, they do ship FedEx. I appreciate your business. Have a great day!

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  • Aubrey Lovegrove