Rebate Redemption for a Retrax XR tonneau cover for a 2018 GMC Sierra


GMC Sierra Owner: I talked to you guys about a week and a half ago or so about a cover for a truck, and it looks like now that they're doing a special with the Retrax, the XR that comes with a rebate that you can get the Yakima racks to go with it.

Peter: That's right.

GMC Sierra Owner: How do I do something to set that up, or is it something I do over the phone with you or online? How does that work?

Peter: Yeah, I can take care of it with you. What truck was it for?

GMC Sierra Owner: A 2018 GMC Sierra.

Peter: What's the bed length?

GMC Sierra Owner: It's the short bed, the five, eight.

Peter: Did we send you a quote?

GMC Sierra Owner: Yes.

Peter: Ok, I can take care of it with you right now if you'd like.

GMC Sierra Owner: Ok. And then for the rebate, I just take the receipt and mail it in with the rebate that's online from them, and then they send it separately for the rack or how does that work?

Peter: That's right. Exactly. After we complete your order we will ship your tonneau cover to you, but you will redeem the rebate directly through Retrax.

Peter: So again, that's the 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 short bed?

GMC Sierra Owner: Yes, and I would like the Retrax Pro XR.

**Transaction Completed**

Peter: Alright. So allow about five to seven days for delivery on this. You're going to get an email confirmation here in just a second. And you're all set.

GMC Sierra Owner: Cool. And then is that rebate thing on Retrax's website or is that something you guys send over too.

Peter: My customer service team will send it, but they usually don't for about five days. They send them in batches, but you can get it right there on Retrax's website if you would like it sooner.

GMC Sierra Owner: How does it work if there's any warranty problems or anything like that? Do I contact you or just them directly?

Peter: It's Retrax directly since they're the manufacturer.

GMC Sierra Owner: Well, I got your email. Thank you so much, and I'll wait for it come in a couple of days.

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  • Aubrey Lovegrove