What is the Recommended Hard Cover for a 2010 GMC Sierra?


GMC Sierra Owner: Yes, I was reaching out to you to discuss a bed cover for my truck. I didn't know if I caught you at a good time.

Peter: What truck is it for?

GMC Sierra Owner: This will be a 2010 GMC Sierra.

Peter: Okay. Got it, and what's the bed length?

GMC Sierra Owner: That... I was hoping would be a standard thing that you would have.

Peter: It could be a short bed, it could be the standard size bed, so it's either a five eight or a six and a half foot.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay, yeah it's just a standard 2010 crew cab GMC Sierra two wheel drive. So I would think it would be a standard bed. It's not an extra long bed.

Peter: Do you have a crew cab?

GMC Sierra Owner: Yeah, I do have a crew cab.

Peter: It could be a short bed. It could be one or the other, but that's okay. We'll just have to measure it before you order. Which cover were you looking at?

GMC Sierra Owner: To be honest with you, I just wanted to see if I could get some help to detail it out. I prefer the hard cover. That or kind of flush with the bed of the truck if that makes sense. It wouldn't be over the truck. Do you recommend the Undercover Armor Flex?

Peter: Okay, the Armor Flex, it's very popular. It's a really nice cover. I've got that for a great price. It's free shipping and there's no sales tax. It's ordered from outside of Arizona.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay. Tell me a little bit about your company.

Peter: Yeah, we've been in business for about 7 years. My name's Peter. I basically handle the majority of the sales over here, but we are a smaller company. We have less overhead than the big companies so we can actually pass on the savings to you. We work directly with the manufacturers because they have the best quality control and yeah, we sell tonneau covers at the best price.

GMC Sierra Owner: Okay, and you're just the logistics piece behind it. Is that right?

Peter: Right. We're a reseller.

GMC Sierra Owner: Got you. And I don't know a lot about tonneau covers versus like a BAKflip, is that one of them?

Peter: Yes.

GMC Sierra Owner: So, I mean honestly, I need to do a little bit more research. But I'll think about the Undercover Armor Flex

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  • Aubrey Lovegrove