What Does the Lifetime Warranty for the Retrax Pro MX Cover?


Dodge Owner: I'm interested in the Retrax Pro MX. Are you guys an authorized dealer? What kind of warranty comes with that tonneau cover?

Peter: That's right. Yeah, we're an authorized dealer. We work directly with the manufacturer and that one has a lifetime warranty.

Dodge Owner: Okay. On those, is there anything I have to worry about as far as the inside? As far as canister and all that, how that holds up and far as the moving parts and all that? I did some research on them and found it's one of the better ones.

Peter: It's the best retractable out there, in my opinion. It's going to hold up for the lifetime of the truck. I mean it's not uncommon to hear about having one of these covers on for you know, 10 - 12 years. They hold up very, very well over time.

Dodge Owner: Okay. So a lifetime warranty? What does that cover the lifetime warranty? That's not for the finish that's for the internal parts, right, the moving parts?

Peter: Yeah, it's not for the finish but it's pretty much for everything else. Like they really like to keep you as a customer. They're really easy to work with if something were to come up.

Dodge Owner: Okay. Well like I said, I was just looking around and I emailed, I think I emailed you guys over the weekend but I guess you were probably closed for the holiday and stuff. And I saw the email back today.

Peter: Okay.

Dodge Owner: You got my email. I'll make a decision soon and then I'll call you back.

Peter: Okay, sounds good.

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  • Aubrey Lovegrove