How do I Verify That I Have the Correct Part Number for my Retrax Cover?


GMC Sierra Owner: I ordered a Retrax T9O41XR from you. I got it, but when we opened it up the number is different than what I initially ordered. It says 91491.

Shaun: Can you send some photos to the order confirmation that you received? Just reply to that, send photos of the part number you're looking at on the box.

GMC Sierra Owner: Is the part number on the packing list?

Shaun: The one I want to see is actually the box and the part itself.

GMC Sierra Owner: I need the Retrax 9O41XR

Shaun: Yeah, the 9O41 I believe is the one it is. What's the bed length on your 2019 GMC Sierra?

GMC Sierra Owner: It's a short bed. It says T9O481 on the packing list, but when you look at the item it says 91491MX.

Shaun: I'm looking at their website and I believe that is just a generic part number for that part of the kit, which is 9O481. What's the box say?

GMC Sierra Owner: When you look at the box, it says "retractable bed cover" and T9O481. So, I must have the right one.

Shaun: Yeah, you must have the right one. So, you should be good to go, but should you have any issues, just give us a call back and I'll reach out to Retrax to get you taken care of.

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  • Aubrey Lovegrove