How Do I Find the Lowest Price for a Brand New BAKFlip F1 tonneau cover?


Dodge Ram Owner: How are you guys able to offer tonneau covers so much cheaper than everybody else?

Peter: So we actually work directly with the manufacturer. We have a special deal with them because we do a ton of volume. So we have special pricing.

Dodge Ram Owner: Well I'm interested in the BAKFlip F1, but I wanted to make sure I'm not buying like a reject or a dented version or anything like that. I'm okay if that's the case, but I just want to know about it ahead of time.

Peter: Oh you're not. This is a brand new tonneau cover. Never been opened. Newest model. And it's free shipping as well.

Dodge Ram Owner: Okay, great. Your prices are really impressive, so that's good to know that it's a brand new cover. I haven't seen a new F1 cover that cheap anywhere else.

Peter: Yep. We tend to have the lowest prices around.

Dodge Ram Owner: I'd like to go ahead and place an order with you.

Peter: Sure, I'll get everything set up for shipping and you can expect to see your new cover within 5-7 days!

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  • Aubrey Lovegrove