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How Durable is the BAKFlip F1 Rolling Tonneau Cover for a 2015 Toyota Tundra?

Toyota Tundra Owner: I sent you a request for the Bakflip F1 tonneau cover and you sent me an email.

Peter: Did you want to place an order?

Toyota Tundra Owner: Yeah, I'm thinking about it. So, it's got the three year warranty, so it's all by the BAK manufacturer, you're an authorized dealer, right?

Peter: Absolutely, we actually work directly with the manufacturer.

Toyota Tundra Owner: Okay. So, I guess if I ordered it today when would I expect to see it?

Peter: About five to seven days, so be on the safe side. It could be sooner, but that's average.

Toyota Tundra Owner: Are you able to honor the quoted price with the free shipping?

Peter: That's right.

Toyota Tundra Owner: Okay. And so that's the most heavy duty, top of the line BAKFlip model they have?

Peter: Yes, BAK makes very high quality tonneau covers.

Toyota Tundra Owner: Okay. Have you seen or handled that roll up version? I'm a little concerned about that. About it not lasting as long.

Peter: I like the hard folding covers quote a bit. What truck is it for?

Toyota Tundra Owner: It's a 2015 Toyota Tundra. I have a question. So I have the bed tie-downs that run down the side of the truck. But the adapters that came with the last cover I owned weren't good. If I hooked anything up to their tie-downs it would just bend out because they're just like flat pieces of eighth inch steel or something like that. Did I notice that in the picture it's the same part that sort of clamps onto the truck is what holds those rails now in this system?

Peter: Yeah, but you're not going to have an issue there.

Toyota Tundra Owner: Okay, so I could strap something to it, it's not going to bend in towards the truck?

Peter: Yeah, that will be just fine. What's the bed length of your truck?

Toyota Tundra Owner: Six foot seven inches.

**Transaction Completed**

Peter: Okay. All right, you're going to get a confirmation email for your purchase here in just a second and you're all set.

Toyota Tundra Owner: All right, cool man. I look forward to it. Thanks a lot.

How Long Does Shipping Take Once I Place an Order for a Tonneau Cover?

Tacoma Owner: Hey Peter, I ordered a tonneau cover and everything's confirmed, but how long does it typically take for them to ship out?

Peter: Let me see here. Alright, yeah you ordered on Monday for your Tacoma. Okay. So typically you'll receive it about five to seven days from when your order. It usually takes two or three days until it ships and then two or three days later you would receive it. Everything looks good here. I can always request tracking on this if you'd like and then I can email it over to you.

Tacoma Owner: I just thought I'd check to make sure and check that everything looked good on my order.

Peter: Yeah. No I understand. No worries. Everything looks good. We actually don't send shipping confirmations because it comes directly from the manufacturer, not us. But we can always locate tracking at any time. But I would say you're probably gonna have it by the end of the week, or early like next week.

Will a BAKFlip and a BAKBox Work With a 2019 Toyota Tundra?

Toyota Tundra Owner: Hello, you had contacted me by the internet about a BAKFlip for my truck; a 2019 Toyota Tundra.

Peter: Okay. Which BAKFlip model?

Toyota Tundra Owner: MX4.

Peter: Okay. Have we sent you a quote?

Toyota Tundra Owner: You guys sent me a quote, it said it was good for 10 days.

Peter: Yes. Do you have some questions or were you trying to place an order?

Toyota Tundra Owner: Oh, I'm going to go ahead and place an order. Is this a good cover?

Peter: Yes.

Toyota Tundra Owner: My son had a BAKFlip and he liked it.

Peter: Yeah, this is great. You're right where you want to be with the MX4.

Toyota Tundra Owner: MX4, okay. I was also going to inquire about a toolbox that goes under the lid. Do you sell those?

Peter: Yeah, the popular version is the BAKBox. It's also made by BAK. I've got that one, and when you get the same deal on that is you would the cover. It's free shipping and there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona.

Toyota Tundra Owner: Okay. What is that BAK box made of? Is it metal?

Peter: Yeah, it's aluminum.

Toyota Tundra Owner: Aluminum? Okay. And now my truck has this rail along the inside where you connect clamps for cables.

Peter: Right.

Toyota Tundra Owner: It has a little railing. Does it take a special BAKFlip to fit that?

Peter: No, it's just a different hardware kit. I know which one you need. What was the bed length?

Toyota Tundra Owner: Oh, I have five and a half foot bed.

Peter: Okay. All right and are you going to go with the toolbox as well?

Toyota Tundra Owner: Yeah.

Toyota Tundra Owner: And this attachment with this railing, I mean, it just takes a special kit to attach it or?

Peter: That's right, yeah, and all the instructions will be in there. So allow about five to seven days for delivery on this. You're going to receive an email confirmation here in just a second. There we go. And you're all set.

Toyota Tundra Owner: All right. Well, I sure do thank you. I appreciate that.