Where Do I Measure My Bed From on My 2019 Chevy Colorado for an Access Original Cover?


Chevy Colorado Owner: You've been texting me about a Tonneau Cover. I applied for information and I haven't been able to get back to you. So I just now had time to get back to you.

Peter: Okay, which cover were we talking about?

Chevy Colorado Owner: An Access Original.

Peter: Okay, and what truck was it for?

Chevy Colorado Owner: 2019 Chevy Colorado. Now I took measurements of the bed. I've been told it's a short bed, but where do you want the measurements from to determine exactly what bed it is?

Peter: From the inside to the inside, so from right behind the cab on the inside of the bed to the inside of the tailgate.

Chevy Colorado Owner: Okay, the furthest point cause, you know it's got kind of ribs in the front. The furthest point is 61 3/4 inches.

Peter: Okay, so it's the short bed. Got it. And you said Access Original. Have I sent you a quote yet?

Chevy Colorado Owner: You've sent me 2 or 3 quotes so far.

Peter: And it's free shipping. And there's no sales tax.

Chevy Colorado Owner: What about the tailgate, what is it called? The seal, or whatever it is?

Peter: Oh, the tailgate seal kit. Yeah, I can include that as well.


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  • Andy Spresser