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On a Retrax Pro MX, If You Lower The Tailgate, Can You Undo the Locking Mechanism Without the Key?

F250 Owner: I'm calling to see if you can give me a price on a Tonneau Cover.

Peter: Sure. Yeah. What truck is it for?

F250 Owner: It is a 2017 Ford F250 with 6'9" or the 6'8" bed. The short bed.

Peter: Okay. Got you. Which cover were you looking at?

F250 Owner: The Retrax Pro MX.

Peter: Okay. I have that and it's free shipping and there's no sales tax if you're ordering from outside of Arizona.

F250 Owner: Why is it so cheap? That's $300 cheaper than everybody else is quoting for the Pro MX.

Peter: Yeah. We're known for our pricing here. We work directly with the manufacturer so we can save you guys some money.

F250 Owner: Do you know much about that tonneau cover?

Peter: I do.

F250 Owner: You know how it's got that little key and then it's got the, be able to flip up on the side on the driver's side.

Peter: Right.

F250 Owner: To open it. If you lower the tailgate, can you undo the locking mechanism without the key? Or is it something that I would have to pop that deal on top?

Peter: Oh, man, actually that's a good question. You might've stumped me. I'm not sure. So you're saying can you just leave it unlocked?

F250 Owner: Well not necessarily leave it unlocked, but if I didn't have the key in my pocket, but I had my truck key, could I just basically lower the tail, because it's got a locking tailgate on it, below the tailgate. And then get into the bed of the truck that way. Or do I always have to have the key to unlock it?

Peter: Yeah, I think you do need the key. Did you want to place an order today?

F250 Owner: Not yet. I've been pricing these for the last week and I just found out about all this.

Peter: Okay.

F250 Owner: Is that for one with the stake pocket cutouts?

Peter: That would add $40 to the price.

F250 Owner: Okay. The price is still good though. But I'm going to think about it a little longer.

Peter: Yeah for sure. Let me know if you have any other questions.