Exciting (Affordable) Ways to Celebrate 4th of July


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This year the 4th of July falls right in the middle of the week, which for most means no long weekend. However, a break in the middle of the week isn’t all that bad either. You can still fill your day with friends, family, and fun! You don’t even have to spend a fortune to do it. 

TonneauCovered.com is all about savings, so we compiled a list full of great ideas on how you can make the most of your 4th of July without offending your wallet.

Organize a Block Party

Bring the neighbors together with an organized event. Request that everyone bring a dish for the ultimate pot luck, so everyone can enjoy variety without breaking the bank. Enjoy good food and great company! You can even plan some games for everyone to play. If fireworks can’t be seen from where you’re at then you can bust out the sparklers when the sun sets and celebrate in your own way.

Summer Cookout

Speaking of food and events, if a larger crowd isn’t your cup of tea, then just limit the guest list to family only. Fire up the grill and impress them with your excellent cooking skills.

Free Fireworks

A quick search online can direct you to the best fireworks in your area. Pack a cooler or small picnic and head out a little early to secure the best spot. Spend quality time with your family and enjoy the free show!

4th of July Parade

Does your town host a parade for the 4th? Take advantage! Dress up in your patriotic best and spend a fun filled day with family and friends. The best thing about early parades is that they end early, leaving you plenty of time to still catch the firework shows!

Game Time

Get a fun group together and head to the park for some friendly competition in the form of softball, kickball, baseball, or volleyball. If relaxation is higher on your agenda then you could always opt for grabbing some tickets to a game at your local ballpark!

No matter what you choose, the 4th of July is about spending time with loved ones. Hopefully these ideas help you save a couple bucks! Also, if you’re in the market for any car or truck accessories give us a call, so we can help you save on those too. We hope you have a fun, safe 4th of July!

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