The Bakflip G2 Versus The Bakflip HD


Bakflip G2 vs Bakflip HD

Similar to all the Bakflip covers, the G2 Bakflip model and the HD Bakflip model provides full-access to the truck bed in a matter of seconds. If you are looking to haul large or bulky items, all that is required is fold your cover open until the cover can flipped against the back of your truck or cab. The locking-rod system is unique and secures the padded surface of the cover against your vehicle. BAKflips also offer full-access to the stake-hole pockets in order to integrate easily with just about any tubular rails and tie downs. Below is information about the Bakflip G2 and the Bakflip HD and their differences.

The Bakflip G2 Aluminum Hard Folding Cover

The Bakflip G2 is regarded as one of the top Hard Folding Tonneau Covers for good reason. Owners of trucks and cabs agree that the most versatile trucks or cabs on the roads today are the ones that come with tonneau covers that offer easy access and security to the truck beds. The Bakflip G2 offers a secure and very large trunk when the cover is in a closed position and the tailgate has been locked.

One of the reasons as to why the Bakflip G2 is a popular choice in regards to tonneau covers is due to the fact that they offer aluminum rugged surface panels for the truckers in search of tonneau covers with a visual appeal, value for money and durability. In addition, these covers offer ultimate security, flexibility as well as a simple and easy way to access the truck bed. The Bakflip G2 offers superior theft protection when in a closed position while still offering a simple way to access the truck bed when needed.

The line of Bakflip tonneau covers always offers a secured traveling position whether the cover is fully closed or fully open. Today, the latest versions of the Bakflip covers now feature an integrated-buckle system that is concealed under the cover. This will allow for securing the cover when partially open while it lies in a flat position on the trucks rails. This “flipped flat” position offers more traveling options for drivers who prefer not to obstruct the view from their back window, but are looking for a way to travel with a partially open cover.

The BAKflip HD Heavy Duty Hard Folding Cover

The Bakflip HD is known as the upgrade from the G2 version and offers outstanding UV protection that resists chalking or fading. The aluminum panels are also enhanced with a density-foam premium core that offers an increase in the weight rating of about 400lbs. In addition the hardware that involves the latch housing has also been upgraded for long-term use and durability.

Why Should You Upgrade To the Bakflip HD?

This particular all-season, heavy-duty tonneau cover has been created in order to outlast as well as perform in more extreme conditions and the resilient infrastructure has been designed with every-day use in mind. Other reasons why you should consider the upgrade is due to the low-profile, sleek feel and look of the cover, while the robust and solid design is flush-mount as well as backed by an impressive extended two year warranty.

Upgraded Components

The Bakflip HD features latch housing injection molded components that offer enhanced log-term durability and strength.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Panels

This Bakflip version has been manufactured out of aluminum heavy-duty panels which have been complimented by a density-foam premium core that offers an increase in the weight rating of up to 400lbs when the weight is evenly distributed.

Additional Weather Resistance

The upgraded components offer more resistance to the harsh elements and the panels feature further UV protection that resists chalking or fading.

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