Comparison: Bakflip VP Vs. Bakflip G2


Bakflip VP vs Bakflip G2

A tonneau cover is essential to protect your truck bed from disintegrating and become unusable. It happens all the time when truck owners are careless and let things stay as is hoping nothing will occur.

Instead of letting this take place, it is smarter to look at getting a good cover.

Which options should a person go with? There are two that remain prominent on the market right now in the form of "Bakflip VP" and "Bakflip G2".

Here is a comparison between the two tonneau covers and how they match up with one another.


Let's begin with the build as that is going to stand out first. There is a slight difference between both on this end.

The Bakflip VP is made out of aluminum and vinyl, while the Bakflip G2 is only made out of aluminum. This creates variations in how they appear and how they function when put in place. The all-aluminum build provides a stronger sense of durability.

Other than the inclusion of vinyl in one cover, both are relatively similar in how they are designed and how they function. The build does not differ in any other manner.

Low Profile

When it is put in place and has been installed, the cover has to keep a low profile. This matters because the truck bed has to be protected, but the truck itself should not be overpowered by what is being installed.

Both covers do an excellent job of making sure they maintain a low profile and don't become a problem on the aesthetics side of things.

They are customized and well-fitted as required ensuring they do a good job of what they are supposed to. The low profile is a must in this day and age, and both covers are made to achieve these expectations.

Quad-Fold Cover

Both are going to provide a quad-fold setup, and that is important for those who are looking for easier access and a solution that is simple to use. The latches are simple and panels will clamp down into place once set up.

This gives ample space for the truck owner to move around and gain access to the truck bed without having to break apart the installed unit.

These covers are both able to handle the pressure that is put on them and do an excellent job in quickly folding into place after the truck bed has been accessed.

No Leakage

The covers are also designed by the same company, and they are renowned for now leaking. This is important for a truck owner because leaks are a major troublemaker when it comes to truck beds.

The last thing a person wants to see when they lift up the cover is a puddle of water inside.

This can damage what is being protected and is going to chip away at the truck bed itself. There is nothing positive about leakages, and both covers do a tremendous job of handling inclement weather or car washes.

Concluding Thoughts

Whether it is the Bakflip VP or Bakflip G2, both options are created by a heralded brand that is one of the best in the world at what it offers. Those who are looking for a new addition to their truck will know these covers are more than safe.

The Bakflip G2 differs in its build. It has the all-aluminum setup, which adds stability to the exterior of the cover. For those who are looking for extra protection, this might provide a better solution.

The Bakflip VP is just as capable and has a beautiful look to it.

Going with either of these covers is a positive decision, and one everyone should be considering.

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