Top 3 Best Soft Roll Up Tonneau Covers 2021

With a wide range of tonneau covers available on the market, choosing the right bed protection for your truck may seem overwhelming. Whether you are on the hunt for a tonneau cover that offers style or security, or both, you ultimately want to invest in one that meets the needs of your lifestyle while offering reliability and durability.

Soft roll up tonneau covers offer affordability, stylish design, simple functionality, and durable, long-lasting protection. To help you in your quest, read on to get a glimpse at what a top soft roll up tonneau cover is, what features are available, and lastly, a few of the top soft roll up tonneau covers available on the market.

What Is a Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover?

Owning a truck gives you the advantage of extra convenient space.  Unfortunately, a truck bed often incurs a lot of beating. The basic function of any tonneau cover is to provide protection for the bed of your truck and anything placed inside. This includes protection from harsh elements of weather. It also gives you peace of mind in knowing you can be discreet in whatever it is that you’re transporting in the bed of your truck. Another notable advantage of soft roll up tonneau cover is that it provides a smooth, uniform look for the bed of your truck.

Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover Features

You shouldn’t consider all soft roll up tonneau covers as equal. From various profiles, colors and fabrics to a variety of latching and folding systems, you have an abundance of choices and features to consider. A top-quality cover will be easy to use, affordable, provide water resistance, UV protection, and should allow access to your entire truck bed.

Most soft roll up tonneau covers have a rubberized coating, regardless if the cover is made of vinyl, canvas or another fabric. Most also allow you to roll the cover up to the cab of your truck or remove the cover entirely. Soft roll up tonneau covers have grown in popularity due to their affordability, ease of use and durability.

Now that you have an idea of what a soft roll up tonneau cover is and the various features are available, let’s look at a few pros and cons of soft roll up tonneau covers.


  • Soft roll up tonneau covers are the way to go if you are looking for an economical way to protect the bed of your truck.    
  • Soft roll up covers are available in styles that require only one hand to operate or touch button control.
  • Soft roll up covers offer full bed access when rolled up.
  • For added security, soft roll up covers are now available with locking devices.       
  • Soft roll up covers offer a pleasing appearance and can be easily matched with most bed liners.
  • Soft roll up tonneau covers are lightweight, which means they offer better fuel economy when compared to hard tonneau covers.


  • A soft roll up cover can require quite a bit of work if the latching system is poorly designed.
  • A soft roll up cover does not offer the same security as a hard tonneau cover. While both soft and hard will keep your belongings out of the weather and out of view, a hard cover offers an extra level of security.    
  • To help you on your way in finding a top quality soft roll up tonneau cover that fits your personal needs, here’s a look at our top picks and a brief overview of each one. 

Top Soft Roll Tonneau Covers

1. Truxedo Lo Pro

This easy-to-use, low-profile cover is our top pick because it’s simply one of the best on the market. The cover is easy to install, requires no drilling and mounts inside the bed while providing a sleek, clean, low-profile look. With a patented self-adjusting spring tensioner and industrial strength floating Velcro, the vinyl is kept tight at all times. Designed with a quick, one-finger trigger latch that is easy to access and quickly operated, this soft roll up cover is a breeze to operate with just one hand. In addition, the cover rolls up easily and neatly, making it both convenient and easy to store. 

Truxedo Lo Pro is constructed with top of the line materials that are guaranteed to last the lifetime of your vehicle. This guarantee is backed up by a Truxedo lifetime factory warranty.

2. Access Original

Access Original tonneau soft roll up cover is custom-made to fit your vehicle. Its popular design and higher profile adds a sporty look to your truck. It comes equipped with the AutoLatch II that effortlessly locks and secures your truck bed on both sides in one smooth motion. This cover includes a Velcro hook and loop system that is easy to use and runs the entire length of the tonneau rails. Its weather resistant double-coated, commercial grade vinyl is textured and remains flexible at temperatures of 40 degrees below zero. It will not shrink or fade and provides bed protection on all four sides of your truck.

3. Access Lorado

Lastly, but well worth taking a look at, is the Access Lorado. It is a favorite among truck owners due to its low-profile fit that contours to the truck bed with angled tonneau rails. It is made of double layer polyester and vinyl fabric that are both flexible and fade resistant. The Access Lorado gives your truck a sleek look while adding a functional, easy-to-operate tonneau cover. The automatic locking system allows automatic closure when you close the cover down. A smooth action pull cord makes rolling up the cover easy, and a tension control XT Dial allows you to adjust the tension for all weather conditions. The no-drill installation is completed by using three clamps on each side of your truck bed.

Thinking about buying a tonneau cover but don’t know where to start? The covers listed above are well worth considering. Just make sure to thoroughly assess your truck cover needs first. By assessing your needs, it makes it much easier to ensure you pick the right cover.